First Team Productions


Production Services

First Team is equipped to handle both in-studio and on-location video shoots. We can assemble a top-notch production crew to cover camera operation, lighting, sound, art direction — every facet of production — to ensure the highest professional quality.

Need to film a commercial but don't have a suitable locale? We can set up the shoot in our studio.

Want a professional-looking DVD of a birthday or anniversary party, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, or your child's school play, concert or recital? We can go on site and ultimately produce a fully edited DVD complete with titles, graphics, music or other custom features.

In addition, our studio is equipped with an IFB (interruptible fold-back) system. So, if a national or out-of-market broadcast media outlet wants to interview you, we can be the link that connects you with the interviewer. Just come to our studio and let us take it from there.


DVD Duplication

Need multiple copies of an existing DVD? First Team is proficient at DVD duplication. We can produce a virtually limitless number of copies of your DVD. Sharp, crisp and high-quality. Be it a DVD of your wedding, your child's birthday party, your parents' landmark wedding anniversary celebration, or another special occasion … let us multiply your memories.


DVD Printing & Packaging

First Team has a cadre of graphic artists, designers, writers and copy editors available to create labels for DVDs, inserts for jackets and liner notes.

From start to finish, we can conceptualize, design, print and apply labels and inserts. If you have ideas about the design, we can work with that. If you want to leave all of that to us, we can handle it.

The same goes for writing copy for inserts and liner notes. If you provide the written content, we will proofread it and send it on to production. Or, we can write it from scratch.

Once a DVD and its jacket are complete, we seal it with shrink wrap and distribute it according to your instruction.


Video Format Conversion

First Team can convert to DVD format many other forms of visual media: VHS, 8 mm film, Super-8 film, 8 mm videotape, 16 mm film, DV, MiniDV videotape and U-matic videocassette.

Do you have home movies from your childhood — or when your children were tots — that you want to bring into the 21st century and preserve for decades to come? Or films of your wedding, honeymoon or other special occasions from years past? Let us preserve those memories for you on DVD.


Audio Format Conversion

First Team can convert any audiocassette or videotape to audio CD format.

Do you have vintage interviews, storytelling sessions with your grandparents, your child's first words or other special recordings on audiocassette? Or perhaps you have a video of your child's concert or recital that you want on CD so you can listen to it in your car. Let us help you preserve the soundtrack of your life.


Video Editing

First Team can produce DVDs from raw footage that you provide. We can use footage from several video formats: VHS, 8 mm film, Super-8 film, 8 mm videotape, DV, MiniDV videotape and U-matic videocassette.

Let's say you have a VHS tape of your child's school play and an 8 mm film of your own school play from childhood, and you want to package them on a single DVD that showcases two generations of special memories. We can do that … and more.


A/V Equipment Services & Repair

First Team offers audiovisual equipment rental and repair services. Want to rent a camera, sound system, lighting and other production equipment to shoot your own video footage? Contact us. Do you have audiovisual equipment at home — such as a DVD or CD player — in need of repair? Bring it to us. We can fix it for a reasonable price.